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Here is what can make your vacuuming technique more effective
June 13, 2019
6 Care Tips For Your Vacuum Cleaner
6 care tips for your vacuum cleaner
August 26, 2019
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6 tips that will allow you to deal with pet hair easily

6 Tips That Will Allow You To Deal With Pet Hair Easily

Owning a dog sure is a lot of fun in all regards, except for one: dealing with pet hair. It is no secret that the hair gets everywhere: on the furniture, clothes and, above all else, the carpet. There is no denying that cleaning all of the pet hair takes a lot of effort and time. You will do well to follow some tips if you wish to stay on top of that huge amount, especially if your dog has a long coat that constantly sheds. They will not only help you reduce pet hair on the carpet, but also everywhere in your home and make the task of collecting it more manageable. 

Place a cover or blanket on the furniture Cleaning Tips Animals

The first thing you should do is be a little preventive and put a blanket or a cover on the pieces of furniture where your dog likes to hang out. Sometimes a simple blanket or cover is all it takes to control pet hair from embedding into the upholstery. There are many options for blankets and covers that fit any style of furniture and any colour. It is up to you to select the kind of material that is easy to wash. Apart from giving it a good shake outside, to loosen all the pet hair, you can simply toss it in the washing machine once a week to deal with the issue. 

Try out dryer sheets for picking up pet hair 

Dryer sheets are a simple, yet quite the effective solution against pet hair. When you see pieces of hair on the carpet, simply run a dryer sheet across the surface. They have great qualities for this job, and they are soft enough to use on furniture or practically any other surface. 

Dampen the carpet lightly and sweep it 

It is clear that you cannot do without vacuuming the entire area, but there is something you can do before that to make the task easier. It involves slightly dampening the carpet and using a rubber broom to get the hair into a nice ball that you can then easily pick up. It is important not to get the carpet or rug overly wet, as some fabrics do not tolerate excess moisture. Slightly damp does the job well enough. 

A damp mop works for vinyl and hardwood floor as well House Cleaning Concept

In case you have hardwood home at home, you can easily pick up pet hair with a damp mop. A Swiffer mop is a fantastic tool for the job. The idea is that when you get the mop a little damp, it acts as a magnet for the stray hairs, which would otherwise take more effort to remove. Just remember not to leave any standing pools of water on the material, as moisture damages hardwood. 

Pick up hairs with a rubber glove from upholstery 

Put a rubber glove on your hand and run it across the furniture surface. You will find how easy it is to pick up the hairs located there. A damp sponge does the work just as well. 

Vacuum in different directions 

The vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly your best ally in the fight against pet hair on the carpet. One thing you have to remember when you use it is to alternate the direction in which you are vacuuming. That way, you will pick up the most pet hair. You can find more great tips on keeping your vacuum cleaner in a great shape here.

Implementing our simple tips to your cleaning routine could make the difference in the war against pet hair on the carpet and everywhere else for that matter. Try them out, and you will see they work. 

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