Client Reviews

All my cleaning standards are met

All my cleaning standards are met. Your carpet cleaners are punctual and very professional and our agreed time scales are also met. You have provided me with a very good and professional carpet cleaning service and I would like to say the services as excellent.

M. A.

Great Service

I am happy with cleaner’s punctuality, time scales and customer support. I would require possibly ironing, although only if could be added on as a 30 minute extra. I would say the cleaning services you provide as excellent. I’ve had great service from Professional Carpet Cleaners. Whenever I’ve needed assistance (such as last minute requests to change the time or day), they’ve always helped me out and responded really quickly. And my cleaner, Elena, is perfect!

L. B.

The carpet cleaner is very professional

My cleaning standards are met and the carpet cleaner is very punctual. I am satisfied with the standard of customer support and the carpet cleaning service you provide is very good and professional. I am very happy and pleased to have Milena as my cleaner. She is great and does a very good job.

H. M.

Good job

I would definitely use again, the carpet cleaner was very professional and did a great job.