5 Things You Shoud Never Do While Vacuuming
5 things you should never do while vacuuming
October 16, 2019
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July 23, 2021
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Vacuum cleaning mistakes you should correct right away

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The vacuum cleaner in your home is one of the most faithful assistants you can have when it comes to cleaning your rugs and carpet. No matter what kind of vacuum cleaner you have, where you use it or how often you bust it out, it is important to focus on efficiency and good results. The best way to do better vacuum cleaning is by fixing some of the most common mistakes you are probably doing right now.

Here is a quick list of some Vacuum Cleaning mistakes: 

You don’t clean/change the bag often enough 

This is probably what most people are guilty of. Since the vacuum cleaner’s bag is concealed, they forget to replace it and empty it out on a regular basis. What this leads to is the vacuum cleaner becoming less efficient, and mostly blowing dust back into the room. A bagged vacuum cleaner requires the space to fit the dust it collects. At most, you should strive to keep the bag two-thirds full, not more than this. You can also empty it out when it is half-full. That way you will ensure the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner is at its prime.

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Not utilising attachments 

To not use the attachments of your vacuum cleaner is to miss out on a lot that it can do for you. Apart from reaching underneath bulky furniture and cleaning the couch, you can vacuum tight spaces and areas of your home that are difficult to get to. Take a look at your attachments and consider what areas of your home you can use them on, to make vacuum cleaning even more effective. 

Using the vacuum cleaner solely for the floor 

The floor is not the only area of your home that dust and debris accumulate. The upholstery can easily accumulate dust, as well as the curtains and drapes. Those are some of the areas you can also use the vacuum cleaner on. You can even vacuum your mattress and bed areas, in order to freshen up the place and make it better for your night-time sleep. 

Vacuuming in a rush 

It is important that you take some time to vacuum, and do a rushed out job. Any vacuum cleaner, even the most powerful ones, requires time to pick up the dust from the area. If you are too quick, this cannot happen. Vacuum slowly, allowing the machine to do its job. 

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You don’t dust before vacuuming 

Another mistake you are probably guilty of is dusting around the rooms at a different time to vacuuming. The idea of dusting is to remove the dust from various surfaces in your home. But the reality is that some of it falls to the ground and it is up to you to clean it. The best way to do it is to finish any dusting session with some vacuum cleaning of the floor.

You don’t vacuum in both directions 

Another mistake you are probably making with your vacuum is not moving it in both directions. The ideal way to remove dust and other allergens is to vacuum in both directions. This agitates the carpet fibres and causes the ingrained spoils to surface, so that the vacuum cleaner can pick them up. 

You wait till the carpet looks dirty 

Don’t take too long to vacuum your carpet. Just because it doesn’t look dirty, doesn’t mean that it contains no dust within its fibres. On the contrary, carpet fibres can conceal a huge amount of debris, so it is important to vacuum often. 

Correct these vacuum cleaning mistakes right now, and you become much better at dealing with dust and debris on your carpets and rugs. 

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