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How to keep the carpet clean with a pet dog?

Carpet Cleaning With A Dog

When it comes to pet dogs, you know just how great life with them can be. They are an infinite source of energy and joy and thus are real members of the family. However, with a pet dog in your home comes the requirement to address special carpet cleaning needs.

From mud tracked in from the outside to pet accidents and shedding hairs, there are surely plenty of tasks you need to address. There is a hard way to do them, but also a smart way. Needless to say, you should take the latter.

Here is how:

  • Dry their paws when they come inside – when you return home with your pet after a walk, it is only normal to see their paws are dirty. Instead of letting them run around, spreading all that dirt and mud (if the weather outside is rainy), you should keep a towel or a rag next to the door. The first thing you should do when you enter is to wipe your dog’s paws so that they don’t track in dust and dirt. Dogs are intelligent animals so you can expect yours to learn that they cannot come in until you clean their paws.
  • Groom them – another huge problem with dogs is that they shed hair. If you do not own a short-haired breed, you can expect a lot of hairs. The upholstery, the carpet, your clothes and pretty much everywhere else will collect your dog’s hair, especially during the time of the year they shed a lot. Prevention is easier: you need to invest time and effort and groom your dog on a regular basis. Your pet will soon learn to love it, as it creates special bonding moments between you. On the other hand, you will have less pet hair to deal with. As for picking up hair the easy way, try a wet rubber glove.
  • Be careful with urine – sometimes your pets will misbehave and leave a urine stain on your carpet. Since this is one of the more dangerous stains the fabric may acquire, you need to have a ready solution at hand. Make no mistake – canine urine has a very high pH, meaning that it can severely damage your carpet unless you treat the stain with the appropriate carpet cleaner quickly enough. Needless to say, training your dog can save you from such potential disasters.
  • Place area rugs – cleverly placed area rugs can save you lot of trouble when it comes to carpet cleaning. Instead of leaving your pet’s bowls on the ground, where spills will happen, you can place them on a small area rug. Cleaning smaller rug is much easier than cleaning your entire carpet.
  • Increase the frequency of deep cleaning – to remove the accumulated pet dander and other debris in your carpet, you should call in the pros to deal with the issue. With the right equipment and methods, they can quickly remove any mess and restore your carpet. This is especially useful if you have people with allergies in your home.

There is no doubt that by implementing these simple carpet cleaning tips, you can take better care of your carpet with a pet dog running around.

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