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Important cleaning tips for different types of carpet

Important cleaning tips for different types of carpet

Carpet cleaning can be an overwhelming task, especially in case children and pets are running freely in your home. The carpet takes a daily beating in the form of dust accumulation, heavy foot traffic and the occasional spill that occurs.

You surely know that frequent vacuuming helps a lot. What also helps is getting your home a carpet that is easy to clean. That is right – different rugs have different cleaning needs.

Here are a few cleaning tips you should keep in mind:

  • Berber carpet – as a general rule of thumb, the bigger the carpet loop, the less cleaning hassle you will have. As such, Berber carpets with large loops are regarded as one of the easiest carpets to clean. The idea is that the dust and dirt will not easily find their way deep within the loop. However, this comes at a certain price: Berber carpets show signs of wear and tear more easily, especially in the case of pets picking at the loops. Keep in mind that you can’t get away with zero vacuuming, no matter what. As for stains, some of them may reappear a few days after treatment. Should this happen, treat the stain again.
  • Carpet Cleaning Services LondonFrieze carpet – the thing about Frieze carpets is that they don’t necessarily appear dirty. However, the thing about these carpets is that they conceal a lot of dirt. That is because Frieze carpets are made of twisted fibres, which don’t stand upright for the most part. Not only can they conceal dust, but also stains. The truth of the matter is that not all Frieze carpets will conceal stains. Such is the case with wool, nylon, polyester and terephthalate. Vacuuming alone won’t get the carpet thoroughly clean, so you need to consider dry and steam cleaning. Be careful in the case of wool, as using the wrong solutions will shrink the carpet.
  • Stain-resistant carpet – a lot of mats nowadays are labelled as stain-resistant, but you have to understand the forms this quality takes. Nylon frieze is among the most popular options in that regard. It has tightly packed fibres, which practically fend off stains. Another option for comes in the form of a specific chemical compound sprayed on top of the carpet. The purpose of it is to create a barrier between the fibres and anything that can potentially stain them. Even though these solutions work to some extent, it is important to note that no carpet can ever be 100% stain-proof. Don’t expect to deal with stains if you are not quick to react and let them soak in instead. Such carpet is not 100% carefree.
  • Bonus tip: consider the carpet pad. There are different weights of carpet pads, but heavier is better. Not only does it provide a softer feel as you walk on the carpet, but also wears off less in time. The padding further affects how the carpet looks. Low weight underlays will immediately absorb stains and make the carpet look worse.

There is much to consider regarding carpet cleaning and the type of material used. Now that you have this knowledge, you can better care for your carpet.

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