6 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Vacuum Cleaner
6 mistakes you are making with your vacuum cleaner
January 31, 2019
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Here is what can make your vacuuming technique more effective
June 13, 2019
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6 things you didn’t know you can vacuum

6 Things You Didnt Know You Can Vacuum

When the time comes to clean your carpet, you bust out the vacuum and begin work. It is your go-to instrument for dealing with this sort of chore. But did you know that a vacuum cleaner is a fantastic tool you can use to clean a variety of other areas and items in your home? As it turns out, investing in a good machine is truly a great thing, as it can help you out enormously in your daily chores. Following are several tasks you can use the vacuum cleaner for, and it will not fail you:

Clean the curtainsCurtains Hoovering

You know well not to skip on cleaning household fabrics, such as clothes, towels, upholstered furniture and rugs. But what about your curtains? You are so used to looking down for dust and dirt to vacuum that you forget the curtains completely. Surely, that is not right, because the curtains accumulate some dust and dirt also. Thankfully, your vacuum cleaner can remedy the situation. You will need to use the appropriate attachment for the job, but in any case, using your vacuum to clean the curtains is definitely right.

Door and window tracks

You’d be surprised to find out just how much filth accumulates around window and door tracks. It will take some scrubbing, but you can always take care of most of the grime by using your vacuum cleaner. With the proper attachment, you can probably deal with a large part of the debris and all of the stubborn dirt that is embedded in the area.

The interior of your car

Undoubtedly, you like a clean car interior. Sadly, the fabrics on the carpet and upholstery can hold a ton of dust and other debris there. A vacuum cleaner of the appropriate size can be your best friend in cleaning those areas. Handheld vacuums are perfect for addressing not just the fabric surfaces of the car interior, but also all of the nooks and crannies on the dashboard. Get the appropriate attachment and clean everything for a nice, comfortable vehicle interior.

Moulding and baseboardsMattress Pillows

How often do you think about cleaning the baseboards? Sure, you are frequent in your floor sweeping, but most of the time you wouldn’t even think about the baseboards. You should know that dust settles on the cracks and grooves of moulding and baseboard, contributing to more allergens in your home.

Mattress and pillows

Another thing you should clean with your vacuum cleaner is the pillow and mattress you sleep on. Changing sheets and pillow covers every week doesn’t cut it. Some dust, skin flakes and other debris will end up on the fabric surface of your mattress and thus contribute to you getting low quality sleep. If you want to ensure that is not the case, then you have to do some vacuuming. The machine will take care of the problem. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and put on a textile attachment to remove the annoying debris from the area.

Your broom

If you are frequently cleaning with your broom, you must know that it accumulates a ton of dirt and debris. It goes without saying that cleaning all of those hairs and dust bunnies will leave a mark on the bristles. Thankfully, you have your vacuum cleaner to help the situation. Run it along with the bristles where the most dirt and grime resides, and it will clean it.

There is little doubt that you will use your vacuum cleaner more now that you know where to make the most of it. It will help you a lot.

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