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6 mistakes you are making with your vacuum cleaner

6 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaning is an integral part of keeping your carpet in good shape. There is no doubt that without it, you carpet will soon enough accumulate a ton of dust, which will ruin the quality of air in your home and make the carpet look like it is in need of replacement.

The vacuum cleaner is your best tool for the job. Every single home needs one, since it is ideal for removing accumulated dust and other spoils not just within the carpet fibres, but also the upholstery. When it comes to using the vacuum cleaner, there are certain mistakes that you need to avoid, in order to ensure good results at home:

  • You try to save money by sacrificing quality – if you ever believe that your vacuum cleaner is not important, bear in mind you will be cleaning your home with it pretty much every single week. At least, that is the recommended amount of cleanings you should do. Considering this, you have to invest in a really good vacuum cleaner. Don’t ever try to save money by settling for a lower quality vacuum cleaner. The investment is well worth it.
  • You buy the wrong type of vacuum – before you buy any vacuum cleaner, you best make a thorough research. Not all of them are created equal. For example, upright vacuums may be problematic if you are cleaning a lot of stairs. If you buy a bagged vacuum cleaner, you will need to maintain the bag empty, or else the machine will not work properly. Consider all of the options before you make your choice.
  • Vacuuming TipsYou don’t read the instructions – using a vacuum cleaner is pretty safe and there is nothing you can mess up for the most part. However, some vacuum cleaners are more like steam cleaners and require careful use. Carefully read the manual and your carpet/rug manufacturer’s instructions. Perhaps the fabric doesn’t tolerate wet cleaning and so you should just use a regular vacuum cleaner. If you are using the machine on hardwood or some other such surface, be sure not to scratch it with a rotating brush or some such feature of the vacuum cleaner.
  • You don’t clean your vacuum cleaner – a vacuum cleaner’s job is to suck in the dust and other debris that end up on your carpet. Dust is made of very fine matter, which often goes through the vacuum cleaner and ends up on the inside components or worse – it is blown out back in the room. In order to ensure it doesn’t happen, you should see to it that you clean the vacuum on a regular basis. Replace its filter too, if it is using one.
  • You don’t attach the bag properly – a bagged vacuum cleaner needs to have its bag properly attached, if it is to work well. Every model has a different method for attaching, and you need to ensure you know how to do yours. If the bag doesn’t fit well, you will find that the dust and debris doesn’t enter there, which would be a disaster.
  • You don’t check on the brush roll – it is a good idea to check on the brush roll from time to time. Some debris can get stuck in there and prevent proper spinning. You can clean it without removing the roll, though it is always a good thing to do for a more thorough cleaning service.

Now that you know the most common errors you are making with your vacuum cleaner, you should be able to better take care of vacuuming at home.

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