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Factors that contribute to the need to vacuum more often

Factors That Show You Need More Vacuuming

If you own a carpet at home, you know well enough that you have to invest time and effort in vacuuming it. It goes without saying that it is not among your favourite activities, nor is it easy. Carpet cleaning in such a way requires time and effort, which you will much rather prefer to spend on something else. Alas, you need to clean your carpet on a frequent basis.

How often that depends on a variety of factors, which are explored below:

  • You have pets in your home – whether it is a cat or a dog that is part of your family, you will do well to vacuum your carpet more often. Animals shed dander all over the place, which can trigger allergies if left unchecked. More importantly, pets shed a lot of hair. If you own a cat or a dog of a long-haired breed, you already know that. Pet hairs end up everywhere, your carpet included. In fact, since it covers a lot of surfaces, you can expect a lot of it there. Therefore, you are looking at vacuuming no less than once a week, or more often, if you are allergic.
  • Domestic House Cleaning TipsThere is high foot traffic – one more thing that contributes to the need to vacuum more often is high foot traffic. If a lot of people tread on the carpeted area, you can bet that a lot of dust will find its way into the fibres. Needless to say, more dust and dirt means that you have to bust the vacuum more often. Keep in mind that going prolonged periods without vacuuming the carpet will likely cause the particles to ingrain deep within the carpeted surface. Vacuuming won’t even take care of them, and that is why you should also consider professional carpet cleaning through special gear and methods.
  • You have held a party – if you have held a large party at home, it would be wise to vacuum the carpet soon afterwards. Who knows if there aren’t crumbs from the treats or some other spoils from the food lurking on the surface. It is always a good idea to vacuum right after you have held a party at home or more often if you frequently invite people over.
  • You have little children – children are a significant factor to consider when it comes to how often you have to vacuum the carpet. They always run around and cause both small and big messes. You want to ensure that they are safe the next time you see them rolling on the carpet, and that is why you should vacuum more often.
  • You smell a bad odour – when the dust settles within the carpet, it will develop an unpleasant odour. It is up to you to prevent this by vacuuming more often. If you sprinkle baking soda mixed with essential oils before vacuuming, you will combat smells even more effectively.

Now that you know what makes you vacuum more frequently, you can better plan for it and address this household chore.

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