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Cleaning nail polish from the carpet is not that difficult

Nail Polish Removal Tips

Nail polish may be a needed addition to your look when you do your manicure. Whether you like the traditional red, or you prefer to be daring with another striking colour, you will truly enhance your overall appearance. However, there is one thing about nail polish that you don’t like one bit: seeing it spilt on the carpet.

Now, as frightening as that red stain from nail polish on the carpet may seem, you have to keep your cool. Accidents happen, and such liquids can end up on the carpet. What matters most is that you understand you have a course of action and that you can probably clean the stain, if you act fast.

Follow this step-by-step guide to remedy your carpet:

  • Blot up the excess – get an old rag or some other fabric cloth and gently blot the stained area. The goal is to remove the excess liquid before it spreads farther and deeper into the carpet pile. Be very careful in your effort not to spread the stain.
  • Scrape off the dried liquid – to continue, you have to use a blunt object (for example a spoon). This is a delicate process, and you have to ensure that you don’t set the liquid further into the fibres.
  • Easy Carpet Cleaning AdviceUse nail polish remover – dab one end of a cotton ball in acetone nail polish remover and blot the stained carpet surface. The goal is to remove a large portion of the nail polish stain. The trick here is to use just the right amount of remover. Too much acetone can easily deal damage to the backing of the carpet, especially if it is latex. Not only that, but it can also damage the pile. You need to use it sparingly, to avoid any such issues. Acetone can make your head dizzy, so be sure to ventilate the area as you use the product. It would be best to wear some sort of eye protection.
  • Soak it up – once you are done with the acetone nail polish remover, use a small tea towel to soak the area. Press it against the stain and place something heavy on top of it.
  • Make a cleaner – get an empty spray bottle and fill it with water. Add a single tablespoon of detergent with no content of bleach. You don’t want to damage the fibres of your carpet, do you?
  • Spray on the stained area – you want to dampen the stained area properly. When you are done, it is time to soak up the excess moisture with a towel. Use a fabric towel, not a paper towel, which can turn to mulch.

If you still see a stain after you are done, you may have to repeat the process. Be persistent and patient, to remove the stain entirely. If it doesn’t seem like you can clean it this way, perhaps you should try professional assistance.

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