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6 carpet cleaning hacks that you can successfully employ at all times

6 Carpet Cleaning Hacks That You Can Successfully Employ At All Times

If you have a carpeted floor in your home, you know just how good of a feature it is. It provides comfort and softness to the area, the visual appeal it adds to the room and the way it feels. Carpets do provide the marking of a true home, but you have to consider the fact that it is going to need carpet cleaning and maintenance. 

Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips that You can Successfully Employ at all Times

Use lint rollers 

Sometimes even your vacuum cleaner cannot handle certain crumbs and crude dirt on the carpet. There is also pet hair, especially if you have long-haired pets at home. An easy solution is to go over such a mess with a lint roller. It is super easy to use and picks up any pet hairs and dirt with ease. 

Use a squeegee for pet hair Use A Squeegee For Pet Hair 

Another great tip for pet hair, if that is an issue you are having trouble with, is to use a squeegee. Even though that is a tool intended for windows, you can successfully use it to deal with pet hair on the carpet. Water the squeegee and use it in the same way you’d use it on a window. 

Cleaning stains with an iron

Stain removal is a complex process, which often tests the prowess of homeowners. But there is a three-step process that often works wonders. First, you need to vacuum the stained part of the carpet, to clear the area. Mix water and vinegar and treat the area by leaving the solution for about 5 minutes. Then, place a towel on the stained area and apply a heated iron on it. The heat and the pressure will transfer the stain onto the towel. Think of it as a reverse water tattoo. 

Don’t ever rub a stain in 

Instinctively, you may feel like rubbing a stain is the best way to ensure it doesn’t end up soaking deep within the fabric of the carpet. However, by doing that you will ensure it does the exact thing you want to prevent. If you want to be more effective, you should blot the stain by applying pressure on it with a paper or cloth towel. Always blot from the outside, to ensure the stain doesn’t spread any further on the carpet. 

A homemade deep carpet cleaning solution Homemade Deep Carpet Cleaning Solution 

If you are not a fan of store-bought detergents, which can prove to be quite expensive and ineffective, you can try out a simple homemade solution for all your carpet cleaning woes. Mix one-quarter of hydrogen peroxide, along with 2 tbsp. dish soap and 2 tbsp. fabric softener with some boiling water. This is an eco-friendly alternative that you can use in place of store-bought products. You will find it works wonders against some of the most common stains, like red wine and blood. 

Mask pet accidents with baking soda 

If you have pets, sometimes they will have an accident on the carpet. If you want to mask the issue, you can use baking soda for the task. Sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda over the stain, after you have blotted or picked up any residue. Baking soda is quite an effective tool for absorbing bad odours and it can be a life-saver in certain cases, where you still have some training to do with your puppy. 

These are all very effective ways to stay on top of carpet cleaning and maintenance at all times. They will allow you to care for your carpet for a long time and ensure it continues to be a functional aspect of your home.