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6 carpet cleaning hacks that you can successfully employ at all times
March 30, 2022
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Care tips for different types of carpet every owner should consider
May 21, 2022
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5 great cleaning uses of a vacuum cleaner

5 Great Cleaning Uses Of A Vacuum Cleaner

Chances are, you are a proud owner of a pricey vacuum cleaner that allows you to manage dust and dirt at home like a real pro. However, did you know that your latest model of vacuum cleaner can do more than simply keep the floors spotless? A quality machine can cope with various cleaning tasks and in the list below you can find out how to fully exploit your precious appliance:

Various Cleaning Tasks that Vacuum Cleaner can Do

Deodorise the upholstery Deodorise The Upholstery 

Or even the carpet with the help of your vacuum cleaner. Take a box of baking soda and sprinkle a generous amount on the surface you wish to deodorise. Let the baking soda sit for at least 12 hours, preferably overnight, then vacuum clean thoroughly to collect residue. Baking soda is one of the most effective eco-friendly ingredients used to absorb nasty odours from fabrics. This cleaning approach works wonders to naturally refresh the upholstery or the carpet without resorting to chemical-based cleaners.

Take care of the mattress 

The mattress is one of those surfaces homeowners tend to neglect. Just because your mattress is covered with clean sheets and blankets, doesn’t mean bed bugs like dust mites wouldn’t make the mattress their new home. Don’t forget that bed bugs are not only gross, but they can also trigger allergic reactions. To prevent nasty bugs from invading the mattress, remember to vacuum clean it once a week. Add the crevice tool of the machine to address seams and corners, since this is where most dust and bugs tend to hide. If moisture or unpleasant mattress smells bother you, use the baking soda trick and your vacuum to keep the mattress in top condition.

Manage pet hair

With a four-legged friend at home, it is even more important to keep every nook and every premise squeaky clean. For that reason, expert cleaners recommend pet owners should invest in the most powerful vacuum cleaner they can afford. In addition to keeping the floors clean and hair-free, with your vacuum and the appropriate attachment you can also banish hair from your pet’s bedding, thus preventing hair from spreading around the house. Furthermore, hair-free bedding poses no threat to your washing machine, since the chance for hair to clog the appliance has been neutralised. If you live with a dog pet, you can purchase a special attachment for your vacuum that allows you to groom the dog and collect loose hair before landing on the floor. Of course, take advantage of this handy tool only if your pet feels comfortable with the method.

Keep the dryer safe Keep The Dryer Safe 

Did you know that lint trapped in your dryer’s system can cause serious damage to the appliance? Or what’s even more dangerous, lint might also catch fire, leading to fire at home. To keep the dryer in perfect working condition, you can rely on your handy vacuum cleaner. Start the cleaning procedure by unplugging the dryer, then add the crevice attachment and clean the vent. You can find your dryer’s vent at the bottom of the appliance. If you believe you have pro skills, you can also open the outside housing at the back of the machine and vacuum clean the lint there.

Eliminate dust from the windows 

Remove any dust that hides in the window area with the dust attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Go over the window screens and baseboards to keep your home allergen-free. The curtains and the blinds are huge dust magnets, so give them a good vacuum cleaning to get rid of indoor pollutants like pollen.

So many crucial cleaning jobs can be successfully tackled with your vacuum. Bear in mind these five wonderful applications of your vacuum cleaner to make the most of your cool machine.