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5 essential carpet cleaning tips to use this spring

carpet cleaning in spring

carpet cleaning in spring

Spring is the typical time to choose for some serious carpet cleaning action as well as to spruce up your home. It is when you will be most inclined to pull up your sleeves and get down to business with some pads, scrubbers and brooms.

As you initiate on your cleaning duties, don’t forget that your carpets will be in need of some care and attention. They have likely taken a beating throughout the previous season and will require a specialised approach. If you are not into carpet cleaning in spring, you must use a few special tips to make things easier.

Tips for carpet cleaning in spring:

  • Ironing stains – once you find the collars on your shirt, you can use the iron to clean some stains. What you need to do is vacuum your carpets to remove the dust and solid particles. Once you are done, dampen a towel with a mix of three parts water and one part vinegar and use it on the stains. Use the iron on the towel. You will notice the stain lifting into the towel. Stop ironing once you remove the stain.
  • A DIY carpet freshener – your carpet cleaning in spring will smell way better with the aid of some essential oil drops and baking soda. Mix 10 drops of your favourite scent essential oil with a box of baking soda. Apply on the carpet, wait 10 minutes and then vacuum. You will soon feel that pleasant scent in the air.
  • DIY deep cleaning – deep cleaning is good for your health, as it removes dust mites and allergens. What you can do is mix ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of vinegar, 5 drops essential oil, 2 tbsp. dish soap, 2 tbsp. fabric softener into a gallon of hot water. You can then proceed to clean with your carpet cleaning machine.
  • Fluff up your carpet – if there are any areas of your carpet that look in poor condition due to excessive traffic, you can do something to remedy the situation. Mix equal parts vinegar and water and spray on the problem areas. Blot it up and run a spoon across the fibres to fluff them up. As for the areas that are squashed by furniture legs, you should melt some ice into the dents. Once the water has been dissolved, blot with a clean towel and place it on the area. Then, run an iron across it, till the fibres are mostly dry. Once the area has dried sufficiently, you can fluff up the fibres with your hands.
  • Renew your shag carpet – if you have a shag carpet, you prepare with the proper technique to clean it. A powerful vacuum cleaner is not the way to go since the suction can cause a frizzy look. What you need to do is use the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner, despite the fact it takes longer. The main benefit is that this method will allow you to clean deep within the fibres. This happily doesn’t include damaging the look of the shag carpet.

By following these simple tips carpet cleaning in spring for, you can breathe new life into your carpets. Not only that, but they will be ready for the spring season.

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