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6 mistakes you can make when cleaning your carpet

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You probably know that proper carpet cleaning and maintenance is required if you want to enjoy the beauty of your carpets for longer. Carpets are not cheap and they need to be well-looked after, often times by professionals.

But when you need to deal with the day to day issues, you may unknowingly be ruining your carpet even more. That is because cleaning should be done in a special manner. Avoiding some of the most common mistakes is necessary if you want to ensure a job well done.

Here is what you should be looking out for when performing the carpet cleaning yourself:

carpet cleaning mistakes

  • Rubbing/scrubbing, not blotting – whenever an accident takes place and something is spilt on the carpet, you may feel the urge to rush with a cloth or a towel and scrub till you see a good result. Except by scrubbing and rubbing intensely, there will be no good result. The stain will likely set deeper and possibly become permanent. What you need to do is use the blotting technique, which means applying gentle pressure on the stain in order to transfer any liquid from the carpet onto a cloth/towel. This, followed by application of appropriate cleaning products means better stain removal.
  • Full vacuum bag – vacuuming on a weekly basis is essential for keeping dust and other solid spoils off the carpet. However, you must remember that you need to empty the vacuum bag. A full bag means less suction and reduced power, which in turn means more time and effort spent cleaning.
  • Excessive wetting – extra moisture on the carpet is never a wise idea, no matter the cleaning circumstances. Some of the known issues that moisture can cause are damp odour, lifting and dark patches. Ensure that you don’t use too much water, or else you will have more carpet problems to deal with.
  • Only vacuuming – vacuum cleaning is the bread and butter of carpet cleaning and maintenance, but it doesn’t guarantee a clean carpet. In fact, what all that vacuum cleaning does is remove the dust that is settled on the surface of the carpet, without really touching what is ingrained deep within the fibres. In order to get the carpet fully sanitised, more thorough methods are needed – for example, hot water extraction.

carpet cleaning tips

  • Not cleaning stains right away – the longer a stain lingers on the carpet, the less likely it is to clean it. Even expert carpet cleaners are powerless against stains that have been on the carpet for more than a few days. It is always best to tackle any spill and splatter that the carpet endures immediately. That is the only way to ensure that whatever stain removal techniques you try will work.
  • Not testing a cleaning product first – it is always important to test any new cleaning product on a small area of the carpet first. Some detergents may, in fact, cause carpet damage, so it is very important to test it on some hidden part of the carpet first. Colorfastness is an important thing and you need to know that a product is safe to use in that regard.

By avoiding these 6 carpet cleaning mistakes, you can be sure that the carpeting of your home will remain in decent shape for longer. Not only that, but you can be sure that no problem occurs during the cleaning process and that you deal with any issues adequately and swiftly.

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