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6 tips on choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home

Choosing The Right Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is not some tool you should pick from a random store. You have to think how it aids your carpet cleaning, whether you need it for carpet cleaning alone and a few other considerations. Only after you have answered these questions for yourself can you hope to get the right appliance for your home.

Here is what you can base your choice on:

  • When there is wall-to-wall carpeting involved – while it is true that any vacuum cleaner can clean your carpet, you need something more specific and convenient for cleaning a lot of space. An upright vacuum cleaner makes sense in that regard, as it is easy to use. One feature that can further ease your efforts is a brush that can adjust its height. That way you will push and pull without much resistance, making your carpet cleaning as useful as possible.
  • For best care of bare floors – if your home features hardwood and tiled floors, you are looking at a canister vacuum with plenty of attachments as your pick. The extra utility of the attachments ensures you can reach tight areas and corners with ease. If you are an upright vac fan, pick one with the feature to turn the brush roll off. Otherwise, you risk scratching bare surfaces.
  • Cleaning stairs – stairs are no fun to vacuum if you have a huge vac that weighs a lot. Your best bet would be to acquire a secondary machine that you only use for cleaning the stairs. Opt for a lightweight vacuum with some attachments to help you clean around railings.
  • If you have a problem with allergies – the way that all vacuum cleaners work is by drawing air along with debris into the machine and then sending exhaust air out. If you have a vacuum cleaner with poor filtration of the exhaust air, there will be plenty of irritants scattered around. Pick a vac that is well-sealed and comes with a HEPA filter. Such a feature alone traps most of the pollen, dust and other nasty particles inside the machine.
  • For vacuuming more than just floors – vacuum cleaners are so great because they are not solely made for floors alone. When you use the attachments correctly, you can step up your cleaning game. Many models have crevice tools, dusting brushes and upholstery brushes. A lot of new models also feature mattress cleaning attachments or tool to help remove pet hair. Another cool feature to have is variable suction. This allows you to clean with the vac without fear of damaging something.
  • If you wish to vacuum quickly – there are a lot of new cordless models, which come with sufficient suction power that rival many other vacuum cleaners. The benefit of using a cordless vacuum lies in convenience and ease. You can quickly remove a mess, but you need to be mindful of battery life.

You need to consider a lot with regards to choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your home. Now you know how to go through this process and ensure smooth carpet cleaning and more!

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