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October 1, 2010
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How Mattress Cleaning Can Remove Bed Bugs

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Mattress Cleaners Can Remove All Pests From Your Bed

You’ve probably heard on the news that bed bugs have made a bit of a comeback recently, especially in the United States where they have had to shutdown a major sportswear store in New York due to an infestation.

These bloodsucking pests that leave us itching in the night are widespread in developed countries.  They get into our homes and offices by hitchhiking onto our clothing or clinging onto animal fur.  They are also tough to discover as they are tiny, nocturnal creatures.

A good practice for preventing bed bugs from making their home in your furniture, especially your mattress is to clean and vacuum the bedroom on a regular basis.  Inspect the mattress and bed frame for any sign of these nasty pests.  They are easiest to spot on light bed sheets.

Put a protective case over the mattress to stop the bugs getting into it as easily.  If they get into the mattress itself, not just on the surface, then it will be very difficult to exterminate them.  You may have to replace the whole mattress in extreme cases.

If you discover any bed bugs on your sheets or clothing, then wash them at a high temperature and tumble dry.

If you can, keep the bed away from the wall and don’t let the bedding touch the ground.  Avoid cluttering underneath your bed so that you can vacuum thoroughly.  If you must keep items under the bed, then have them in boxes that are easily pulled out.

To ensure that your mattress is free of any pests you should hire domestic cleaning companies London that specialise in mattress cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

These professional cleaners London have state of the art equipment and non-toxic cleaning products that will give your mattress a deep clean.  They can suck out all the moisture from your mattress that will dry out any dust mites that are harder to spot because of their microscopic size, but are more abundant than bed bugs.

If you are worried about a possible infestation from any of these pests in your bed then call mattress cleaning services London.

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