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5 tips to help you keep the carpets clean for longer

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Cleaning the carpet often enough is surely one of the most annoying home cleaning chores. It takes time and a lot of effort. You are not alone in feeling bad about the fact that you invest so much in a job that you will soon enough (one or two weeks, at maximum) need to address again.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to somehow prolong the effect of carpet cleaning? You will feel amazing after learning that there are a few methods you can adopt in that sense. Carpet cleaning is not just a matter of vigorous vacuuming to keep the dust at bay. It is also a matter of prevention.

If you are interested in keeping your carpets clean for longer, read further:

  • 5 tips to help you keep the carpets clean for longerDon’t skip vacuuming – even though it can get quite annoying, vacuum cleaning is necessary in order to reduce the overall amount of dust that carpets accumulate. If you don’t do this, the pile will trap and retain dust and dirt particles for a long time, essentially ruining the look and feel of the carpet. Since you value your carpets and you don’t want to see them ruined, it is best to stay on top of your vacuum cleaning duties.
  • Deal with stains ASAP – stains are the arch nemesis of every carpet and rug, regardless of their type of pile. Whether it is of food origin or some bodily fluid (blood for example) there are proper techniques and methods that work well. Most of them don’t even involve specialised carpet cleaning solutions that you can find in the store. Baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and dish washing liquid can all be your best friends in the battle against stains.
  • Stop dirt at the door – one of the main offenders when it comes to dirt and dust accumulation is human traffic. People constantly track in dirt and dust with their feet, so it makes sense to prevent this as much as possible. What you can do is place a good quality door welcome mat for people to wipe their feet off before coming into your home. Additionally, you should implement a no-shoes-inside policy. Have every visitor leave their shoes at the door, as it only makes sense.
  • professional carpet cleanerCall for professional carpet cleaning – every now and then your carpets will be in need of refreshing. The only sure way to do this is to contact a carpet cleaning company and have the experts do this task. They utilise special gear and methods that remove the deeply ingrained dirt from the pile.
  • Protect your carpet against stains – speaking of hiring professionals, you can also add a special service – scotchguarding. This is a special technique, which includes a protective layer on the carpet. Its main purpose is to protect the carpet from stains and make it easier to clean. That is a preferable option as far as prolonging the life of your carpet is concerned.

By following these 5 tips, you can be sure that your carpets will be in top shape for longer and that you will not need to worry about carpet cleaning as much.

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