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July 10, 2010
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How To Remove Fizzy Drink Stains From Your Carpet

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Professional Cleaning Tips For A Sparkly Clean Carpet

If you have children, you will know how easily your carpets can become grubby and stained. Food is dropped, drinks are spilled and there never seems to be any time to clear up the mess.

One spillage that you will no doubt have become familiar with is the spillage of fizzy drinks. Children seem to be born with the ability to knock over fizzy drinks without even touching them. And when they have friends round to play, the problem is made all the more worse.

The problem with fizzy drinks being spilled is that they not only leave a stain but they leave a sticky patch. So it’s important to get rid of these patches before they cause real damage to your carpet.

Begin by adding some mild liquid detergent to the spillage. Blot the stain with a dry cloth. Then you need to apply ammonia and blot it again. Repeat the process with white vinegar and then again with more detergent, blotting as you go. Once you have done this, you need to put some water onto the stain and then blot this.

Following this method, you should find that the fizzy drinks stain disappears. But if your carpet is covered in old stains that you have failed to get out, then it might be more effective to call in a carpet cleaning company London to come and deal with the problem for you.

These carpet cleaning companies have the knowledge and the equipment to be able to rid your carpet of those old, grubby sticky stains. Then you have a fresh and clean carpet again – and perhaps this is a chance for you to ban those fizzy drinks!

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