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April 1, 2011
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Carpet cleaning tips on how to clean pollen

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning tips for picking up the pollen. Now that the sun is finally out, those of us with green thumbs will be taking a trip to the garden centre to fill our trunks and back seats with as many plants and flowers as possible to spruce up our gardens.  We might even buy a lovely bunch of flowers to put in a vase inside the house.

Everybody can agree that flowers are beautiful and you want to cherish them and make them last as long as possible. They really do brighten up your living room as well as put a smile on your face.

But there is one downside to having a bunch of flowers in your living room and that is the pollen can leave a horrible stain if it falls on the carpet. Pollen comes loose very easily, so if you are not careful while giving them fresh water, your carpet could be in a lot of trouble.

If this does occur then the last thing you want to do is panic and start rubbing away at it.  If you do so, the pollen can leave a really nasty stain.  Therefore it’s important to act immediately and use the right technique. Follow these carpet cleaning tips for picking up the pollen:

• Wrap cellotape around your hand with the sticky side up.

• Carefully dab at the pollen to pick up the fine particles.

This carpet cleaning technique really does work a treat, but if you have several stubborn stains of different kinds all over your carpet, which is most likely the case when you have young children in the house, then hiring a cleaning company that specialises in carpet cleaning will be your best option.

If you try to clean your carpets yourself you might end up damaging them seriously and at the end spend much more money on replacing them. The best way to ensure that your carpet is perfectly maintained and looking brand new is to use the services of carpet cleaning company.

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