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August 18, 2013
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July 22, 2016
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What’s involved in the ten step carpet cleaning service

Commercial Cleaning Service London

Commercial Cleaning Service London

Professional carpet cleaning could be achieved in a ten step process that will leave your filthy carpet sparkling clean and of a remarkably good quality free from allergens and germs.

Step 1 – Pre-inspection

This is the initial process that involves running a detailed inspection on your carpet to identify specific areas that require extra attention. This requires recognition of the various sorts of stains on your carpet and sporting out the possible permanent stains and their specific area of focus. This will determine the special solutions and equipment to be used in order to initiate the cleaning process.

Step 2 – Commercial pre-vacuum

Here, all forms of solid materials and dry soils are removed from the carpet by the use of a commercial-powered vacuuming equipment. This is an extremely vital procedure that marks the first step in the actual carpet cleaning process.

Step 3 – Pre-spray

After pre-inspection and pre-vacuum, a specific cleaning formula is then applied to your carpet to brake down all the dirt, oils and sticky substances that could attract harmful bacteria and dirt. This carpet cleaning process loosens all the dirt allowing it to be rinsed away. This is achieved by the aid of a particular carpet cleaning machine.

Step 4 – Deodorizing product
After pre-spray, a deodorizing agent is applied on the carpet to do away with any type of bad odors from any pet fur or contamination leaving your carpet perfectly clean.

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